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STROPOLY®TEC boards are very light with densities of 200 and 350 kg/m³ and bord thicknesses of 80 up to 450 mm;
Standard board sizes length x width: 5,700 m x 2,300 mm  (other sizes are feasible)

STROPOLY®TEC has a very good thermal insulation (thermal conductivity 0,040 to 0,050 W/mK
and a good thermal capacity  (c = 1,800 to 2,100 J/kgK).

STROPOLY®TEC has a high basic strength and shape stability 
STROPOLY®TEC fulfills the requirements up to P4 and higher referred to the EU standard EN 312 

STROPOLY®TEC is hydrophobic and highly good moisture and weather-proof

STROPOLY®TEC has very good sound-insulating properties 

STROPOLY®TEC is is breathable and water-vapor permeable

STROPOLY®TEC is free from any harmful emissions
STROPOLY®TEC fullfills the requirements of the emission class E "0" of formaldehyde reffered to EU standard EN 120 (0 ppm formaldehyde)

STROPOLY®TEC has a moderate resistance against mould- and insect attack, including termites

STROPOLY®TEC can be simple mechanical processed without any difficulties,  

STROPOLY®TEC is aging resistant and long lasting

STROPOLY®TEC can be recycled environmentally friendly

A special advantage consists that supply channels for water, power etc. can be integrated into the wall already during the board production. 

Photo series:  
Different STROPOLY
®TEC board samples made from crop straw, rice straw and miscanthus  

                       (The samples have been manufactured  in technical laboratory)

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