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Application STROPOLY TEC

Overview STROPOLY®TEC Applications

STROPOLY®TEC Construction Systems can be applied worldwide, 
independent on climate zones and regions of extremely weather conditions


The requirements on a sustainable and energy-efficient building in Germany and EU are intensified steadily. The EU building directive 2010 (2010/31/EU) requires from all EU Member States that as from 2021 all new buildings must be in accordance with the status of passive and zero energy houses. The German Government aims to achieve a nearly climate-neutrally building stock in 2050. Therefore also the existing building stock shall be reconstructed energetically. That means that about double number of houses must be reconstructed in the next years like ago. Referred to a study in Germany alone are minimum approx. 10 – 12 million existing residential properties which are required an energetic sanitation.

With STROPOLY®TEC can be satisfied fully and cost-effizient the continuousily rising re-quirements of ecological sustainable and energy-efficient construction which are continuousily which do not increase only in Germany and EU but worldwide.

STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Boards can be applied in the whole building sector:

STROPOLY®TEC  for construction of complete pre-fabricated and system houses

STROPOLY®TEC particularly suitable for construction for houses with the status of passive and zero energy houses

STROPOLY®TEC for finishing of massiv houses as well as for ceiling- and roof elements 

STROPOLY®TEC for structural and energetic sanitation of old building

STROPOLY®TEC for faccade and outerwalls for high buildings with fire-resistance classes upt to 120 min
                            as well as finishing of that buildings  (skeleton construction / superstructure)

STROPOLY®TEC for construction of Houses in earthquake risk areas

STROPOLY®TEC is suitable for construction in all climate zones and areas with extremely weather conditions 

STROPOLY®TEC for manufacturing of mobile buildings and emergency shelters

STROPOLY®TEC for construction of noise protection walls

Furniture industry

®TEC can be used to manufacture comperatively light furnitures

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