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STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards are different from STROPOLY®TEC Basic by the fact that the basic version is additionally covered with additional covering boards like gypsum or cement bound boards, OSB, veneer, wood, and any other materials. The covering can be carried out one-sided or both-sided. Two different materials each can be used in the case of a both-sided covering.

STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards are manufactured in just same process step of the manufacturing of STROPOLY®TEC Basic boards. Only that special manufacturing technology is able to guarantee a hybrid-monolithic composite of the different material structures among each other (STROPOLY-TEC  hybrid-monolithic).

The hybrid-monolithic structure of 
STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards have the advantage that depends on the used covering the strength and stability can be improved seriously. The hybrid-monolithic structur of that Sandwich Baords are one of the worldwide very important unique selling points of STROPOLY®TEC.  

NEW !!  

An essential advantage of STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich elements is that depends on the kind and thickness of the applied covering material the fire protection and especially the fire-resistance class can be improved considerably. Fire-resistances classes of up to 120 minutes can be provided.  We have a patended system solution of special STROPOLY®TEC  Faccade- and Outerwall Elements which can be applied for high buildings (e.g. skeleton construction / superstructure) with more than 20 m height. The STROPOLY®TEC Faccade- and Outerwall elements can be customer-specific manufactured exactly referred to the legal required fire protection as well as to the structural and architectural requirements. Furthermore it can be guaranteed that the complete house faccade will be sustainable windproof and and torsions-free as well as has an excellent thermal and sound insulation - In principle: This building elements will have all the same structural-physical properties and advantages like the here described STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Board Systems ! 

STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards can be manufactured as system boards (e.g. system wall-, ceiling-, roof elements etc.) 

o Board thickness of 120 up to 450 mm,
o basic densities of 200 up to 350 kg/m³
o Standard board sizes length x width:  5,700 mm x 2,300 mm 


Photo series: Different STROPOLY
®TEC board samples made from crop straw and miscanthus

                     The samples are coverred examplarily with OSB 4 boards. Any other materials can be applied
                     (The samples have been manufactured  in technical laboratory)

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