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Application STROPOLY TEC

Houses can be completely constructed by STROPOLY®TEC Basic and/or STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich light construction boards,

it means STROPOLY®TEC light construction boards can be used as internal and outside walls, for ceiling-, floor- and roof construction as well as to manufacture e.g. staircase and door leafs. 

STROPOLY®TEC light construction boards with board thickness up as 240 mm can be used as self-supporting outside walls without stud frame construction and have a high-grade heat insulation as well as moisture and weather resistance already without any additional activities. The required actual wall thicknes must be calculated and statically proven for every house project. 

STROPOLY®TEC Basic and STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards are particulary suitable to build prefabricated houses.
Instead of the multilayer wall construction and in principle required stud frames in case of prefabricated houses,  the prefab 
houses built from STROPOLY®TEC building elements don't need a stud frame.

The connections between STROPOLY®TEC boards among each are carried out by glueing. Since the mounting surface of such adhesive bonds are a number of times bigger than a nail or screw connection the stability and flexibility of such constructions are multiple better compared with conventional buildings. All STROPOLY®TEC connections of wall and ceiling elements act as one complex and static self-stabilising unit. The glued connections are strong form-fitting and friction-locked, it means the whole house construction is made like from one monolithic "cast". That made it possible that the house has a relatively high seismic resistance. Therefore the seismic stability of buildings can be improved considerably that means that STROPOLY®TEC is predestinated for a cost- and energy-efficient house building in earthquake risk areas. 

Since the STROPOLY®TEC material can well be processed mechanically, it is feasible to process unproblematically and simply STROPOLY®TEC walls after the completion of construction anytime , e.g. the later mounting of a new or changing of an existing window or door etc..

STROPOLY®TEC walls are breathable and do not need !! an additional moisture barrier.

A healthy room climate without any hidden “BUT” can be supported.

Caused by the monolithic and light structure of STROPOLY®TEC material, STROPOLY®TEC walls, floors and ceilings have a good impact and structure-burne sound insulation already without any additional activities

STROPOLY®TEC walls can be finished with any active paint or mortar inside and outside

Houses made from pre-fabricated STROPOLY®TEC construction elements, can be built up very fast. Since the lightweight of the STROPOLY®TEC the requirement of transport and assembling can be considerably decreased (fuel consumption trucks, load bearing capacity of lifting devices)

Door leafs made from STROPOLY®TEC are remarkable stable in shape and have already a good heat and sound insulation as well as a good moisture resistance. In connection with this, the possibilities of a free creative mechanically surface processing of the door leafs also have to be remarked.

Due to the good heat capacity, STROPOLY®TEC houses are only slowly cooling down in winter season and stabilize the room temperature in summer season and through that a healthy and comfortable room climate is supported  !!

A comparison calculation between an energy-saving house constructed with multi-layered wall elements and with 
STROPOLY®TEC one-layer fiber boards has showed that the total construction costs of a house constructed from STROPOLY®TEC will be significantly less than a usual constructed prefabricated house.

Photo series: Construction of a family house made from STROPOLY®  straw fiberboards (2006 / Switzerland)                    

                      (Straw fiber baords have been produced by STROPOLY®  Güstrow 2002-2006)

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