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Application STROPOLY TEC

STROPOLY®TEC boards can be used as STROPOLY®TEC Basic and STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards for the interior work of new houses as well as for renovation of old buildings.

With STROPOLY®TEC boards with wall thicknesses up as 100 mm can be constructed stabile supporting internal walls without any stud frame construction.

The Assembling as well as processing of 
STROPOLY®TEC boards are simple because no stud frame and additional components of fasteners are required - i.e. the assembly requirements of a STROPOLY®TEC internal wall is significantly less than the assembling of usual multilayered stud-frame-based internal wall systems.

The connections of 
STROPOLY®TEC wall elements as well as with other STROPOLY®TEC elements like floor and ceiling are carried out by form-fitting and friction-locked gluing on the way that the boards are butted up together or via lip and groove systems.   

STROPOLY®TEC internal walls can simply and unproblematicaly be processed mechanically anytime after the completion of walls - e.g. milling in order to later installation of e.g. supply lines or wall breakthroughs.

Nails, screws, dowels etc. can unproblematicaly be mounted in the wall respectively removed again without damages .  

Since STROPOLY®TEC walls very stabil wall cup boards can be fixed easily and without any problems. 

Built-in wardrobes can be manufactured from STROPOLY®TEC board too and can be connected form-fitting and friction-locked with or directly incorporated in the construction of the walls.

STROPOLY®TEC internal walls usual don’t need additional sound-absorbing measures.

STROPOLY®TEC construction elements are material-borne in principel suitable for wet rooms.

The assembling demand and manufacturing costs of STROPOLY®TEC systems are significantly lower than for other interior construction systems.   

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