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The Modular House System for disaster management

Because of the complex material properties of 
STROPOLY®TEC especially due to the light-weight, strength, stability and weather-resistance STROPOLY®TEC can preferentially be used as construction material for emergency accommodations in areas where e.g. environmental disasters or armed conflicts have damaged or destroyed the human livings environment.

  • Prefabricated STROPOLY®TEC modules for house construction can be manufactured e.g. walls, ceilings, floors, roof and sanitary module. Individual housing units can be installed like single-, row houses in one ore two floor system etc.

  • The STROPOLY®TEC modules can be available in short-time and can be easily transported also in rough terrain, since the material is light and very impassible.

  • The STROPOLY®TEC modules can be easily assembled on site by bonding or special connecting fittings. Heavy lifting equipment is not required.

  • The houses built from STROPOLY®TEC  are very good weather resistant and heat insulating and have a relatively high earthquake resistance and can be used as a short- or long-term interim arrangement but also as a permanent solution

  • STROPOLY®TEC  modules have a high mobility, flexibility and persistence (long-life cycle) and can be reused in the case if the houses are used only temporarily

  • Emergency accomodations made from STROPOLY®TEC  can be used for example   

-   after earthquake disaster
-   after flood disaster
-   after blaze disaster
-   after armed conflicts

-   for development assistance

Example of a modular house for the time after disasters

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