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The newly developed system technology for the  production of STROPOLY®TEC Basic and STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards is extremely efficient and very flexible despite the relatively simple conception.

The innovative production technology bases on the new binding agent particularly developed for STROPOLY®TEC as well as the further developed machinery- and manufacturing technogies of the STROPOLY® production plant in Guestrow which has manufactured worldwide the first time quality high-grade straw fiber panels with MDF- and HDF quality .

®TEC system of production-, machinery- and plant technology is designed modularly.

This new, innovative and efficient design enables us to provide worldwide site- and raw material-specific STROPOLY®TEC production plants.  

The raw material straw is worldwide available.

Cereal/wheat and Rice is cultivated worldwide: Worldwide wheat production, status 2014: 729 m t per year [avarage 3,5 t/ha per year]; worldwide rice, paddy production, status 2014: 741 m t per year [average: 4,5 t/ha per year] (source: FAO data bank 2017, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation). The useable part of straw is about 60 to 80 % referred to the mentioned crop amount. 
Alternative to cereal or rice straw miscanthus straw can be used as equivalent and high-grade raw material to produce STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Boards. Miscathus (miscanthus giganteus) can be farmed as long-term cultivation (up to 20 years) in temperate up to tropic climates.
The feasible yield of miscantus straw is depends on the climate zone about 15 - 25 t/ha per year (Central Europe) up to 40 t/ha per year (sub-tropic / tropic areas), that means the specific straw yield (t/ha per year) of miscantus is depends on climate zones 7 to 16 time higher referred to wheat straw respectively 5 to 12 time higher referred to rice straw. 

The faultless quality of the raw material straw is one of the most important requirements of an efficient and trouble-free production as well as the quality management of high-grade STROPOLY®TEC products. The straw quality is significantly depends on the harvesting-, transport- and storage technologies. If required we can provide our know-how / advising to organize and set up an economic, effective and professional logistic and management for the process way "harvesting to professional straw storage" = an essential precondition of a faultless straw quality.    

As Standard STROPOLY®TEC production plant, we offer ready-to-operate machinery- and plant systems with a production capacity of approx. up to 80,000 m³ per year. The given annual capacity refers to the production of STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Boards with a thickness of 400 mm and a density of 250 kg/m³. 

The Production of one-sided or both-sided covered 
STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards are carried out in one process step in the same plant which manufactures the basic boards. Different materials like OSB, Fermacel and other gipsum- or cement bound panels and other materials with different thicknesses can be applied as Sandwich board covering. 

Assortment and variety of the board design can be adapted in any order also for special customer-specific requirements.

The Technology of STROPOLY
®TEC production-, machinery- and plant systems are extraordinary energy-efficientThe energy demand of the STROPOLY®TEC production plant is significantly lower than the energy consumption of usual production plants of MDF, HDF, OSB or other wood based fiber boards.

The production is very environmentally friendly and clean and doesn't have any emissions which are harmful to both the environment and to human health. Environmentally hazardous waste or by-products do not arise.

NEW !!

Based on the modulare design of STROPOLY®TEC produktion-, machinery- and plant technology we are just also able to provide STROPOLY®TEC production plants for straw flat press boards (panels) for the production of board thicknesses of 16 up to 35 mm and densities up to 500 kg/m³. This STROPOLY®TEC straw panels manufactured with that production plant will have the same remarkable structural-physical properties and benefits like the introduced STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Board systems.  

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