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STROPOLY presented itself

Who we are

STROPOLY®TEC  Straw fiber Leight Construction Board System


STROPOLY®TEC is a Trademark of family Udo Groepper, which continues the STROPOLY® tradition initiated by family Udo Groepper meanwhile 20 years ago (See STROPOLY® story on youtube). STROPOLY®TEC implies the production technologies and -systems just as the extensive assortment of products and product systems, the product applications and -prosessings as well as complete building system solutions up to the holistic advising. The LBTS 2012® GbR is a company of family Udo Groepper responsible for technology and know-how transfer, as well as the coordination of amongst others R+D, license management, design and implementation of production plants.      

STROPOLY®TEC is a worldwide novel, monolithic and multivalent material made from yearly renewable fiber plants like rice straw or miscanthus, a material which has despite the lightweight a high static load capacity, which has excellent heat insulation properties and is extraordinarily moisture and weather resistant. With both main versions STROPOLY®TEC Basic as a monolithic one-layer board and STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich as a hybrid monolithic multilayer board it is feasible to satisfy fully and cost-efficient the ever-increasing challenges of an energy- and resource-saving, ecologically sustainable building.

STROPOLY®TEC production plant are very flexible and have an energy demand - a significantly less energy consumption than of usual production plant of wood fiber boards

NEW !!   With STROPOLY®TEC can be manufactured 

Facade- and Wall elements with a Fire-Resistance class of  up to 120 minutes 

(patented system solution !).

STROPOLY®TEC is the result of a now 26-year long-standing and target-oriented research and development. Based on that R+D results we have manufactured straw fiberboards from wead straw in a factory in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in Germany already from 2002 and 2006. This factory has been the first production site worldwide which has manufactured straw fiber boards with MDF and HDF quality in an industrial scale. 


Videoclip MP4  -  43 MB             Overview STROPOLYTEC history                

We have achieved a significant breakthrough with the development of a novel binding- and productions system which has enabled us to manufacture a worldwide unique and innovative basic material which also based on the substantial energy-saving manufacturing technology developed in 2012 / 2013.

What do consumers and clients, craftsmen and building contractors, the politics and economy as well as our environment expect from a ecological sustainable construction material?

The expectations and wishes are set certainly very high:

The material should conserve local resources, take care for high efficiency energy savings, be absolutely environmental friendly, enable a healthy living climate and should not causes any hazardous waste if the material is not needed sometime any more, and, and, and ….

That means a material which should be light, stabile, long-lasting and static loadable. It also should have a very good thermal and sound insulation as well as it should have a good breathability and moisture resistance. It should provide a good resistance against mould- and insect attack and it should not causes any environmental and unhealthy emissions ….

It seems very illusory if you wa
nt to expect that from one material, only.

We have managed with 
STROPOLY®TEC to make a manifest and technological available reality from a would-be illusion.

The wide-ranging and complex structural-physical properties of STROPOLY
®TEC make it possible to improve the construction of extremely energy efficient as well environment-friendly and health-friendly houses considerably.

STROPOLY®TEC Production and Application is worldwide feasible und will never be rawmaterial-limited in the future - and !! will be an integrated contribution for the sustainable climate protection.

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