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Neither wood nor sustainable natural fiber based building materials are available worldwide 
which have comparable complex multifunctional properties as well as 
multi-purpose application opportunities like STROPOLY®TEC products.

Primilary selected technical data of STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Boards:
                                                                                                                                                Overview STROPOLY®TEC Properties
STROPOLY®TEC Light Construction Boards with densities of 200 – 350 kg/m³ have in spite of the lightweight a good pressure resistant already. STROPOLY®TEC very good thermal-insulation properties (thermal conductivity k = 0.040 to 0.05 W/mK), and has based on a thickness swelling of less than 1 % a remarkable moisture- and weather resistance. 

STROPOLY®TEC is breathable and water-vapor permeable and therefore it can support a healthy and pleasant room climate. 
STROPOLY®TEC has very good sound-insulating properties (impact und structure-born noise), has a moderate resistance against mold- and insect attack and is free from any harmful emissions especially regarding formaldehyde (Emission class E "O" referred to EU standard EN 120). STROPOLY®TEC is aging resistant and long lasting and can be recycled environmentally friendly if the material should not be needed sometime any more.

STROPOLY®TEC light construction boards can be manufactured as STROPOLY®TEC Basic with thicknesses between 80 and 450 mm and STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich with thickness-es between 120 and 450 mm. STROPOLY®TEC Sandwich boards are covered one-sided or both-sided with surface-layer-boards.

STROPOLY®TEC light construction boards are produced from yearly renewable fiber plants. Successful tested and suitable raw materials are crop and rice straw and straw from miscanthus (elephant grass). The use of other yearly renewable fiber plants is possible but however it must be checked in the individual case.

The positive properties of STROPOLY®TEC are not demaged by the influence of humidity. This property has special adventages in areas with temporarily flood-related floodings of house areas.

No wood based construction material exists which has comparable properties like STROPOLY®TEC.

STROPOLY®TEC Building material is predestinated to built energy-efficient as well as environmental- and health friendly houses caused by the multiple and complex positive structural-physical properties of STROPOLY®TEC

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