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STROPOLY®TEC  -  Selected material properties in comparison 

1.     STROPOLY®TEC  Thermal-insulation properties

Depending on the density of STROPOLY®TEC boards the thermal conductivity coefficient (k-factor) is 0,040 up to 0,050 W/mK

Comparison thermal-insulation properties of STROPOLY®TEC with other materials

2.  STROPOLY®TEC as construction material for humid rooms and outdoor areas    

STROPOLY®TEC is extremely moisture-and weather restistent. The Thickness swelling of STROPOLY®TEC  is < 1 % 
STROPOLY®TEC is able to absorb water and to discharge it again as well as to dry quickly - the shape and the positive properties of STROPOLY®TEC like e.g. load-bearing capacity, heat insulation, weather resistance etc. remain unchanged.

Comparison Thickness swelling of STROPOLY®TEC with other materials

Usual fiberboards have a limited moisture resistance - only in the higher product classification like OSB 3 and OSB 4 or P5 up to P7 can be used in humid conditions. That means this products are suitable to use e.g. in kitchens or bath rooms. But nevertheless those products are only limited suitable to use in outdoor areas.

The quality benchmark of moisture resistance of fiberboards is the thickness swelling.
The method to measure the thickness swelling is carried out referred to EU standard EN 317:

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